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LCS Standard Log Cabins


We have reduced the cost of all our standard log cabins!

• High-quality cabins, at the best value for money  • 4-8 week delivery  • Nationwide Fitting & Delivery

    Discover the Excellence of LCS Standard Log Cabins

    Introducing our LCS Standard Log Cabins—a perfect amalgamation of quality, value, and rustic charm. Crafted with premium Nordic spruce and equipped with a robust tongue & groove joinery system, these cabins promise maximum stability and longevity. With the walls made of timber, they offer enhanced insulation and protection against harsh weather conditions. The double-glazed windows ensure optimum security and energy efficiency. Our cabins come in various sizes and log thicknesses (28mm, 40mm, or 70mm) to cater to diverse needs. Whether you want to create an additional living space, a home office, or a studio in your garden—our Standard Log Cabins are the perfect choice.


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    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    BETTY Log Cabin | 2.0x2.0m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    CABRERA 3.0x3.0m Gazebo
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    TIINA-A Log Cabin | 2.2x2.2m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    GLORIA-A Log Cabin | 2.9x2.0m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    TRONDHEIM Log Cabin | 2.9x2.2m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    GLORIA-D Log Cabin | 2.9x2.9m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    CAMILLA B Log Cabin | 3.8x3.8m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    GLORIA-F Log Cabin | 4.5x2.0m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    NEVADA Log Cabin | 3.6x3.0m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    ALABAMA Log Cabin | 3.5x3.0m
    Standard Log Cabin Kits
    COLORADO Log Cabin | 3.0x3.5m
    VICTORIA-B 3.0x3.0m Log Cabin Garden
    VICTORIA-B 3.0x3.0m Log Cabin
    VICTORIA-B 3.0x3.0m Log Cabin Plan
    £1,194.00 OFF
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      MARI-A Log Cabin | 3.8x3.2m
      Standard Log Cabin Kits
      BIDASOA Log Cabin | 5.0x4.0m
      Standard Log Cabin Kits
      KARINA Log Cabin | 4.3x2.6m
      Standard Log Cabin Kits
      LOUISE Log Cabin | 3.0x3.0m
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      AINO Log Cabin | 4.0x4.0m
      AINO 4x4m Log Cabin sale

      LCS Standard Log Cabins

      Our LCS Standard Log Cabins are designed to deliver unbeatable value for your money. They boast high-quality construction using durable materials, ensuring a lasting investment. The insulated walls and double-glazed windows contribute to energy efficiency, making these cabins an eco-friendly choice. With a variety of sizes and log thickness options, we cater to a broad spectrum of requirements. The versatility of our cabins allows them to be customized for various uses. The rustic design adds a timeless appeal to any garden, enhancing its aesthetics

      Log Cabin Sale

      Explore the Versatility of Our Standard Log Cabins

      Our LCS Standard Log Cabins are not just buildings; they are versatile spaces waiting to be transformed according to your needs. Use them as an extra living space, guest bedroom, home office, or studio. They are also perfect for creating a workshop, storage space, music practice room, gym, garden bar, entertainment area, greenhouse, or workshop. The possibilities are endless with our affordable log cabins.

      VICTORIA-B 3.0x3.0m Log Cabin Garden

      Customise Your Standard Log Cabin to Reflect Your Style

      At Log Cabin Specialists, we believe that your log cabin should be a reflection of your unique style and needs. That's why we offer extensive customisation options for our Standard Log Cabins. From the layout of the rooms to the type of windows, doors, and even the colour of the exterior finish, you have the freedom to make your cabin truly your own. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and preferences, ensuring that the final product is exactly what you envisioned. With LCS, creating a log cabin that resonates with your personal aesthetic and lifestyle has never been easier.

      Bespoke Enquiry

      Experience Year-Round Comfort with Our Log Cabins

      At LCS, we understand that the ideal log cabin is one that serves your needs throughout the year. That's why our Standard Log Cabins are designed for year-round use. Built with insulating timber and double-glazed windows, these cabins provide a comfortable, temperature-regulated environment regardless of the season. Whether it's a cosy refuge in the winter or a cool retreat in the summer, our log cabins are your perfect haven. They are not just seasonal structures but an extension of your home that delivers comfort and functionality all year round.

      LCS Standard Log Cabins FAQ's

      Can I customise the log cabins?

      Absolutely! Our Standard Log Cabins can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Our team of skilled designers will work closely with you to customise every detail of your cabin.

      What are the available log thickness options?

      We offer log cabins in 28mm, 40mm, and 70mm log thicknesses. Each option has its unique advantages in terms of weight, insulation, and durability.

      Can I use the log cabin as a home office?

      Yes, indeed! Our Standard Log Cabins are perfect for setting up a comfortable and stylish home office in your garden.

      How long is the delivery time?

      Delivery times may vary based on material availability and other factors. Typically, it ranges between 4-12 weeks.

      Do I need to treat the log cabin?

      Yes, treating your log cabin is essential to preserve its structure and protect it from potential issues like wood rot and dampness. Regular treatment will ensure its longevity.

      Nationwide Delivery

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      Free Bespoke Service

      Fully customise your log cabin

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