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Residential Log Cabins

Welcome to Log Cabin Specialists, where we offer a vast array of Residential Log Cabins that perfectly combine rustic charm with modern conveniences. Ideal for creating a peaceful sanctuary or a stylish home office, our residential log cabins provide a warm, inviting atmosphere that's hard to resist. Crafted with care and precision, our "residential log cabins" offer a unique living experience that exudes comfort and style. Step into the world of log cabin living and discover a place where tranquility meets elegance.

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Premium Log Cabins For Sale
TBS168 Log Cabin | 3.5x5m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
VERONA Log Cabin | 6.0x4.7m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
MONVISO Log Cabin | 6.0x4.5m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
ALPINA Log Cabin | 4.5x6.0m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
TORINO Log Cabin | 6.0x5.2m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
ANDORRA Log Cabin | 5.2x5.2m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
REUS Log Cabin | 6.0x6.0m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
TORMES Log Cabin | 5.3x7.9m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
PETRA Log Cabin | 6.2x6.2m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
CERVINO Log Cabin | 6.5x7.8m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
FALUN C Log Cabin | 7.8x6.0m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
ARLANZON A Log Cabin | 6.3x7.4m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
PADOVA Log Cabin | 6.0x6.0m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
ARLANZON B Log Cabin | 6.3x7.4m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
ALMERIA A Log Cabin | 6.0x8.0m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
TOLEDO A Log Cabin | 6.0x5.2m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
ALMERIA B Log Cabin | 6.0x8.9m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
PALMA Log Cabin | 7.2x7.2m
Premium Log Cabins For Sale
TBS120 Log Cabin | 10.0x6.0m
From £23,187.00
Standard Log Cabin Kits
KRISTI Log Cabin | 10.5x6.0m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
TIPO Log Cabin | 7.4x7.4m
Premium Log Cabins For Sale
TBS124 Log Cabin Lodge | 12.0x6.0m
From £25,148.00
Standard Log Cabin Kits
URSULA Log Cabin | 10.2x7.0m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
RIGA Log Cabin | 8.0x9.0m
Standard Log Cabin Kits
ESTONIA Log Cabin | 8.0x9.0m

Dream Log Cabin Home

Incredible Quality

Whether you're looking for a holiday home on your property or an extra room in your garden, a residential log cabin makes for a fantastic addition to your home. Our cabins are not mass-produced but made with you in mind, ensuring your building meets your every need. We offer top-quality builds at reasonable prices, so take a look at our full range today.

Residential Log Cabin Experts

70, 90, or 120mm Logs

Thick and durable 70mm logs keep you insulated and relaxed at home. 90mm, 120mm glulam or twin skin options available. 

Customisable Design

Whether you like the blueprints on our plans, or you want it custom, we can help. 

Fitting Available

Contact us to find out how we can help you build your dream.

Competitive Prices

We offer a variety of pricing options, so you can find the perfect plan for your budget. 

Lukas Log Cabin Lodge | Log Cabin Specialists
Lukas Log Cabin Lodge | Log Cabin Specialists

All year use

Built To Last

As permanent fixtures, our residential log cabins are fantastic to use all year round. From country properties looking to get in touch with nature to a unique guest bedroom set at the bottom of the garden, there is something for everyone. Their exceptional quality makes them ideal whatever the British weather may bring. Take a look at the ALMERIA veranda, offering you the perfect place to shelter from the rain or host barbecues in the summer.

All our doors and windows have sealed glass units and produced from extra-dry (8-12%) laminated timber. They are built to last and suit your every need, with cylindrical locks for security. Plus, the timber's natural veneer helps the structure blend into the environment, making them a picturesque addition to your lakeside fishing or forest property.

Beautiful Range

From the CERVINO leisure house to the homely FALUN cabin, there is something for everyone in our range. The timbre for our houses comes from 100% Nordic high-quality spruce, grown in cold conditions in Northern Europe. By kiln drying it to a 15% - 18% moisture content, we ensure precision and quality in our manufacturing process. A residential log cabin is an ideal holiday home, annexe and additional space, as well as the perfect structure for holiday parks.Our log thickness measures 70mm, offering you warmth and insulation at every corner with a stable structure. We deliver the high-quality Nordic spruce wood untreated, helping the logs to lock together without swelling from treatments. In applying the treatment yourself within two weeks of installation, you can choose the finish and veneer that best suits your property. If well treated, your cabin will last for many years.

Residential Log Cabins FAQ's

Do You Offer Delivery?

We offer free delivery within a 145-mile radius of Nuneaton CV13. All our log cabins are made in the UK and take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Depending on the size of the cabin and company location, this can take up to 10 weeks. There are additional charges for remoter areas like the Scottish Highlands, Wales and Cornwall.We do offer fitting as an additional extra for our residential builds, so get in touch for further details. Our factory-trained installation team has years of experience and will work on-site to ensure speed and quality in the installation process.

Can i customise the log cabin?

Here To Help

Create a unique space by building a bespoke log cabin. After deciding the size you would like, you can have everything from one open space to four bedrooms and an ensuite. You can choose between pine logs or glue-laminated in the construction. Choose from roof felt or shingles to top it all off and give your log cabin the finish it deserves.

You need a space to suit your needs. So, whether you’re looking for the three-room VERONA or the eight-room TRENTO, we can find something for you. Please check this on our product specification or with our sales team, who can advise you on the best steps forwards.

Residential Log Cabin Cost

Getting started with a cosy residential log cabin could be as cheap as £15,000. Log Cabin Specialists’ GOTLAND range are around this price point – and the log cabin kit comes with everything to get you started, including fixings and plans. If you fancy more luxury and space, the top-of-the-range SERENA is a two-storey building, with 155m2 of floor space (that’s almost twice the size of an average home in the UK).

Residential Log Cabin Base

When you’ve found the perfect view over the valley with the lake, stop! You need to make sure that you’re on solid ground, otherwise your cabin won’t sit right, and won't be suitable to live in permanently. Planning is also definitely something you’ll need to take into consideration: a small single-storey log cabin in your own garden may come under permitted development, but building something any larger might have planning implications. Since this is going to be your home, it may even be worth talking to a building consultant or planner. See ourlog cabin base guidefor more information

Residential Log Cabin Insulation

If you want to live in your lovely new cabin all year round (ie. through winter!), you’ll need to insulate it well. Most log cabin manufacturers recommend that you insulate the floor and the roof: putting insulation board between the floor joists, and either insulation board underneath the roof shingles, or (if you’re building your residential log cabin building) cold-roof rolls in the loft. You’ll also need double-glazing, which again may be stipulated by building regulations. Wall insulation would make a difference, although you’ll lose little heat through your walls if you plump for the foursquare 70mm, 90mm or 120mm logs used by Log Cabin Specialists.

Nationwide Delivery

Delivery across mainland UK available

Fitting Available

Trusted and experienced fitting team

Free Bespoke Service

Fully customise your log cabin

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